Valley Intergroup meets on the last Wednesday of each month (except December) at 6:15 PM. The meeting is held at the Staunton Group located at 304 North Central Ave in Downtown Staunton.

Valley Intergroup is a local A.A. service entity, established and supported by A.A. groups and members, to help carry the A.A. message within a specific geographic area. It is a partnership of A.A. groups just as an A.A. group is a partnership of individuals. 

Valley Intergroup maintains a telephone help-line available to the public; to anyone in the community who may have a problem with alcohol. 

Valley Intergroup service office relies on A.A. group members to perform Twelfth-Step service. Service usually consists of answering the cell phone - which is supported each month be a different AA group. We arrange A.A. member Twelfth-Step contacts for newcomers, helping callers to get to meetings and/or serving on Public Information or Corrections Committees. 

Valley Intergroup also maintains and publishes local A.A.meeting lists and newsletters.

Valley Intergroup takes direction from local A.A. groups.  Be sure your group has an Intergroup Representative who is committed to attending the monthly Intergroup meetings and reporting the discussion topics back to his/her home group. An Alternate Intergroup Representative. should also be elected by your home group to attend Intergroup meetings whenever the Intergroup Representative is unable to attend.

Valley Intergroup has conference approved A.A. literature for sale.  For example, if your group is starting up a 12x12 meeting, we can fill your order for literature.  We also have special and limited edition publications available on hand or we can special order literature.  Feel free to have your Intergroup Representative place an order at the next Intergroup meeting.  
Giving gifts of literature benefits the new comer or old timer alike.  When your sponsor, sponsee, or A.A. buddy has an anniversary, literature makes a great gift!

We are supported by donations from local A.A. groups.  Next time your group is dispersing funds, Intergroup is part of the service structure.  You may make donations directly at the monthly Intergroup meeting or by mailing a check to the address listed below.

Valley Intergroup Treasurer
PO Box 113
Staunton, VA  24402-0113